Living English: A revolutionary way to manage, train, and teach English to your Latino immigrant workforce.


Living English offers a mobile app that integrates ESL, vocational training and workforce management and productivity tools for companies that employ the approximately 12.5 million Hispanic blue-collar and service workers currently employed in the U.S. The majority of these workers report that they don’t speak English very well.


Reports by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Federal Government conclude that there is an urgent need for English language and vocational training programs for these Hispanic workers if their employers are to become more efficient and remain competitive in a global economy. (They report that by 2021, 1 out of every 4 new workers in the United States will be an immigrant from Latin America, and Hispanics will account for 50% of total workforce growth.) There are currently no training programs available nationally that address these needs in an integrated and effective manner.


Living English is an engaging training program that is delivered to workers by their employers as an app on their smart phones. It teaches English and workplace skills through the use of short videos that entertain in comic telenovela style, and incorporate proven language learning techniques. The app also incorporates translation, job assignment, calendaring, messaging and incident reporting tools.


For the employer, the app provides instant communication between management and labor, providing a safer and more efficient work environment, supported and reinforced by customizable instant training programs produced by the company. For the worker, the app provides an engaging means to become better trained vocationally, with improved English-language communication skills, for better job security and a better chance of promotion. For both, the Living English app presents the opportunity to create a better workplace environment and a more tight-knit company in which everyone benefits.

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